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Monroe County, NY

Created in partnership with the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office and the Community Advisory Board

Monroe Commons

Data Powered Change

Ongoing access to Monroe County’s criminal justice data.

Commons is a community-driven data tool that shapes criminal justice policy.


Working with Community Advocates and the District Attorney’s Office

When the public, police, prosecutors, and courts share and trust the same data, those data become the common ground for reform.

Testimonial Photo: Sandra Doorley Monroe Commons

The Commons dashboard publishes complex data in a user-friendly format for the public to access. While criminal justice data is historically difficult to capture based on jurisdictional differences and frequent changes in legislation, Commons provides a comprehensive overview of criminal cases and dispositions within the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office. I am proud to offer a transparent look into our data for our entire community.

Sandra Doorley, Monroe County District Attorney

Monroe County, NY

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Commons was made possible with the dedicated support of the Community Advisory Board (CAB). This CAB represented the public's voice in Monroe County and they worked closely with the District Attorney's Office to bring Commons to life. The CAB's role was essential to the platform's development in helping determine what information was important to the community. They provided critical insights throughout the platform's creation, including input on the data shown, policy goal selection, recommendations of additional data collection opportunities, and so much more.

Community Advisory Board,

Monroe County, NY