Data Portal

On this Portal, you will find comparative performance measures for counties nationwide. The measures get at how cases are being handled from arrest to post-conviction. Wherever possible, the data can be filtered by race/ethnicity; indigency; sex; age; offense type and severity.

Explore your local criminal justice system's performance

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How People Are Using the Data

Our work has so many applications, from helping district attorneys increase diversion rates to helping legislators craft better data laws. Here we’ve captured just a few of our user stories.

Our Process

MFJ acquires its data by approaching state and local leaders, often traveling county by county. In the process, we solicit feedback on our metrics and counsel on the limitations of the data we’re acquiring. Back in Rochester, NY, our researchers and technologists work on cleaning and coding the data, while outside auditors help to ensure the accuracy and validity of our findings. Our team also works on software automation to streamline the process of cleaning and standardizing data from disparate sources. With this combination of strategies, MFJ is able to aggregate case-level data into one central repository.