County Criminal Justice Reports

These reports document county results across a series of criminal justice performance measures developed by Measures for Justice (MFJ). The Measures assess system performance from arrest to post-conviction.

There are many factors that can affect a county's results on any Measure. MFJ’s goal is to highlight areas where things are working well and to identify areas that might need further investigation.

In addition, this report highlights the Measures where a county was an outlier within the state and lists all the Measures where, based on race, gender, or indigent status, significant disparities exist.


  • Screenshot of report showing significant disparities section

    An upfront guide to all outliers and significant disparities in a county.

  • Screenshot of report showing racial breakdown visualization for a county

    An illustrated summary page for each available Measure.

  • Screenshot of table of Measures by Offense Type

    Detailed breakdown across filters like race, sex, offense type, and severity.